Red Oak Springers
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About Red Oak Springers
I grew up with English Springer Spaniels and truly believe they are the best all around breed for individuals and families who enjoy the outdoors and an active life style.  As part of the Sporting Group, Springers are an energetic breed with plenty of stamina which were bred to flush game birds in the field for hunters.

We only breed one or two litters per year and longevity runs in our lines. We now have families who purchased their second dog from Red Oak Springers after their first passed away due to old age at fourteen and fifteen years old. After 29 years of breeding experience at Red Oak Springers, we can attest to the fact that by starting with healthy and good natured dogs, their pups will also be healthy and good natured.  Our reputation for producing quality Springers has allowed us to breed with American bench/show champions as well as International Champions here in the USA and from the world renowned Whisborne Kennel in Sweden.

In general, American bench/show English Springer Spaniels have a solid coat with few spots, while the Euro-American and European English Springer Spaniels have more white, spots, and ticking throughout. We have and breed Springer Spaniels with a variety of colors including: black and white, liver and white as well as tri-factor Springers that produce liver, tan and white pups.

Our most recent litter marks the tenth generation of English Springer Spaniels born at Red Oak Springers.
Red Oak "Diego"

Look who is featured in the ORVIS October 2015 catalog. Diego, son of Juliana and Max, looks too cute for words. He certainly makes you want to buy a dog bed!