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Welcome to Red Oak Springers
At Red Oak Springers, we breed and stud American bench/show, Euro-American and full European pedigree English Springer Spaniels. Per the American Kennel Club, we are hobby breeders, having raised and bred English Springer Spaniels for the past 34 years.  I am also on the Board of Directors of the Albany Kennel Club in Albany, New York.

Our goal is to breed healthy good natured dogs which meet the breed conformation standards. The adult dogs have had their eyes  screened and tested genetically for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, (PRA, DNA).

Both the dams and studs are registered with the American Kennel Club AKC), and the males have their stud registry DNA number. To ensure proper socialization, our Springers live in our home, not a kennel... after all, they are part of the family! Our current Springers represent the eleventh generation of English Springer Spaniels born at Red Oak Springers from our foundation pair named Lucy and Jake who started it all back in the 1980's.
We've MOVED !!

Paul Sargent
2515 Fawn Ridge
Castleton, NY 12033

Phone: 518-283-3906
Breeding and Specializing in English Springer Spaniels
American Bench/Show
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